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Detox vs. Cleanse

Detox vs. Cleanse

If you’ve ever spent any time looking up information on various juices and getting rid of toxins from your body, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across two terms: detoxing and cleansing.

And while the two things sound similar and are often used interchangeably by many people, they are different processes that have their unique uses, based on your goals and situation.

At their essence, both a cleanse and a detox serve the purpose of getting rid of toxins from your body. So why do we have two terms for this?

The Difference Between a Detox and a Cleanse

As someone looking to try a detox or cleanse, you first need to set up realistic expectations and know what to expect from each. Both detoxes and cleanses are distinct protocols and have their specific aims and purposes.

So, what is a cleanse?

A cleanse is a process (a diet protocol if you will), aimed at.. you guessed it.. cleansing your body. More specifically, your digestive system.

A protocol like this often involves the consumption of lots of dietary fiber and moderate intake of protein while limiting carbohydrates and fats. The goal here is to give your digestive system a break, improve nutrient absorption and improve various health markers.

It’s also a good tool you can use to fight constipation.

Okay then, what’s a detox?

Unlike a cleanse that primarily aims at your digestive tract, a detox serves the purpose of improving the health of two (technically, three) of your essential organs: the liver and kidneys.

Detoxes are most commonly done by eliminating all foods and consuming only detox teas, waters, smoothies, and juices for a given period.

The goal is to give these organs a break, help excrete the toxins that have built up over time, improve their functioning and health.

So, which is better?

As I briefly mentioned, cleanses and detoxes have their specific purposes. Neither is inherently ‘better’ than the other because each serves a specific purpose. Let’s take a look at some examples now.

When Should You Use Detox Juices and When Should You Go For a Cleanse Juice?

There are many ways to do a detox or cleanse, but going for juices is the simplest, most effective way to do that. They are delicious, effective, and blunt your appetite quite effectively. Not to mention that they are by far the cheapest alternative out there.


This is where you go for a cleanse juice. Constipation is often caused by poor nutrition habits - lots of solid and processed foods and very little fiber intake. This is where a cleanse for your digestive tract would be very effective.

Post-Holiday Purge?

We all like to let loose on the holidays. Depending on what you prefer - excessive eating or bingeing on alcohol, you can go for either cleansing or detoxing.

If you drink a lot, go for a detox juice. If you indulge in highly-processed, sugary and salty foods, go for a cleanse juice.

And if you enjoy both, do a cleanse followed by a detox.

Liver and Kidneys?

Both a cleanse and a detox juice can improve the health and functioning of these organs in the face of the average person’s diet, but detox is the clear winner here.

Detox juices are specifically made for this purpose.

Improve Athletic Performance?

A multitude of factors influences athletic performance, and there isn’t a clear winner here. Both detox and cleanse juices can provide great benefits for athletes and should be utilized on a regular basis.

A detox juice will serve to improve kidney and liver function, while the occasional cleanse will improve gut health, keep you regular, and even help you lose some excess fat.

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