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Cuteness Overload with BLENDED Babies

We bet you can’t look at this slide show without saying, “Aww”, “So Cute”, or “Adorable”!

Over the past few months our BLENDED Smoothie & Juice Bar store has been invaded by these little ones. All with different personalities, questions, requests and behaviors LOL! But, they all have one thing in common; they are so darn adorable! And, when they say, “It’s good” referring to a custom smoothie (mostly strawberries & bananas) that we just made for them, we can’t help but feel our hearts melt!

So, take the challenge and see if they have the same effect on you!

Do you want your child to be in our next edition of BLENDED Babies?

Share your BLENDED photos with us via Instagram @BlendedBars or email them to:

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